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The valley


The township of Mogán with a surface of 172 km and 42 settlements belongs to the southwestern part of the island the aboriginals called "Tamarán". From a geological point of view, it is the oldest island, formed by different types of rocks - all of them of volcanic origin. Erosion has lead to the formation of deep ravines which extend up to the sea shore.

The configuration of the natural surroundings, high mountains and deep ravines forced the population to an isolated life for a long time. Almost cut off from other townships. the sea had been the maon communication.

The township's valleys and ravines, fertile and densely covered with a wide range of plants have compensated the inhabitants with an extraordinary variety of fruit, wellknown throughout the entire archipielago: mangos, avocados, bananas, oranges, figs and many more. Nowadays, the freshly gathered fruit is offered in different shops in the centre of the township.

The introduction of tropical fruit, such as the avicado in 1930, is due to the strong emigration of Mogán folks to Cuba and Venezuela. In the valley, there are numerous farms built in the styleof traditional canarian architecture. The farms usually grow fruit and vegetables. In higher locations dominate pine trees rather than palm trees.