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Puerto de Mogan [Port of Mogán] with its beach of yellow sand is a fishing spot. Due to its unique natural beauty, it was the starting point for one of the most beautiful complexes of the Canary Islands. The development of Puerto de Mogán is set on land gained from the sea. The harbour and the low constructions imitate the traditional style of open spaces. The construction works of the complex, imed at an elevated class of tourism, began in 1981 and concludad in 1988.

The marina has turned into a meeting place for the numerous lovers of international navigation and is equipped with 225 landing-places, water and electric current supplies as well as connections to satellite television. The integration of the traditional fishing harbour in the development, turns Puerto de Mogán in an unforgettable place.

The complex consists of an apartment complex not higher than 2 floors and bars, restaurants, shops and services of all sorts. The whole development is embedded in a rich tropical garden.

The quality of the complex, its architectural style and the ambiance of the marina compose the special touch Puerto de Mogán counts with.

The coastal road ends in Puerto de Mogán, even though there is a another beach further north. Veneguera, in a valley of high natural value, can be reached only from the inward part of the island.