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Local Produce


In the lush ravines of Mogán farmers still recollect the different produce from the earth. In the hillsides sheperds see to their flocks of goats and sheep and at the seaside fishermen reap their own treasures with old skills.

We posess a rich and a natural cuisine, with ingredients that reach fresh to the tables of many restaurants of the area and from which one can have a good view of the fields. We have fruits such us avocados, papaya, mangoes, bananas, "tunos", figs, oranges.. vegetables like tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes... excellent goat cheeses and great pork and goat meats as well as a good variety of fishes: tuna, bocinegro, sea bream ,sama, sardines, dory, grouper, vieja and seafood which will delight your palate!

There are typical dishes such as fish soups, grilled tuna fish fillets, stewed limpets in a rich green sauce ans fish with aubergines as part of the culinary tradition of the islands; "Papas con Mojo" bolied potatoes in their skins with a red piquant sause, "gofio" (toasted corn flour), "sancocho", goat meat and "ropa vieja" which meat with chick peas; all these dishes accompanied by local wines and liquors.

As for desserts, nothing like papaya with orange juice for a good difestion as well as mangoes, "tunos"... all of which are grown in the area.