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The heritage


Arts, trades and customs of our ancestors are rediscovered in Mogán, going way back to the remotest inhabitants, the Canarian aborigenes, who have left important traces in several archaelogical sites such as La Casa de las Siete Esquinas in the beach of Mogán, El Castillete in Tabaidales or El Santuario aborigen in the mountain of Tauro.

In many areas like for instance el Pie de la Cuesta or Los Almácigos in Veneguera, there are country homes which are samples of the rural architecture of past centuries; more often there are houses being restored according to the norms adopted by tradition, especially those surrounded by gardens with indigenous plants.

In the Molino de Viento district, right at the centre of Mogán, one can find a wholly restored windmill in which the traditional trade of milling the grain can be witnessed as it udes to be done in the past.

In several district areas of the town there are expert craftsmen who upto this day use palm and clay as raw materials to manufacture objects of a unique beauty which were indispensable for the daily life in the past.

One can acquire handicraft products from all over the island: pottery, fabrics, brass, wood and many more, some of which are manufactured in accordance with millenary methods.